Building Brands Internationally Since 1971

Our Mission: To build brand equity and deliver to international markets a wide range of the highest quality products from leading manufacturers, with a focus on long-term growth through strategic marketing, consistent quality and unparalleled service.

Intraco’s success was founded on the commitment, integrity, hard work and vision of its founder and Chairman, Nicola M. Antakli. Based on the same principles, Intraco has assembled a combination of leaders with expertise in international business development, marketing, sales, logistics, and more.

 nicola antakli

virginia antakli

Virginia K. Antakli


Nicola M. Antakli

Chairman of the Board

Four decades ago, Nicola M. Antakli came to America with a single goal: to build bridges between people and nations by promoting peace through trade. He demonstrated pride in his Arabic heritage, but even more pride in being an American. 

In 1971, Mr. Antakli founded Intraco Corporation after establishing the overseas operations for Federal Mogul, a fortune 100 automotive company. His small manufacturer’s rep firm was originally headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, and serviced automotive replacement parts and glass business throughout the Middle East.

Through his leadership and vision, Intraco has mastered the development of mutually beneficial business partnerships in the global marketplace. He believes that language, trade and cultural barriers can be overcome by working together, thereby creating long term relationships and a broader understanding between people and nations.

Today, Intraco is a thriving global trading, distribution and consulting firm [as a result of his dedicated commitment to growing the business].

Mr. Antakli has been recognized for his business prowess in the global marketplace. In 1991, he was named World Trader of the Year by the World Trade Club.  In 1996, he was awarded with the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his vision, perseverance, faith and contribution to the United States and the world.  Mr. Antakli’s personal involvement in civic affairs varies widely from his church, business and philanthropic associations, to political involvement at local, state and national levels.


john antakli

J. John Antakli

President & CEO

Difazio bio

Mauro DiFazio

Vice President,
Operations & Business Development

virginia antakli

Sam Antakli

Executive Vice President,
Glass & Building Products

mike rousseau

Mike Rousseau

Vice President, Finance